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IELTS Listening- Multiple Choice Questions

This post will show you how to effectively answer multiple choice questions in the IELTS listening test. It will show you the three different types of multiple choice questions, look at common problems and give you tips and a strategy to help you on test day. 3 Kinds of Multiple Choice Questions There are three different formats for these questions. (more…)

IELTS Listening Overview and Tips

Listening Overview The IELTS listening test is the same for both those taking the Academic and General Training papers. It consists of 40 questions (10 per section) and lasts around 30 minutes. You will have 10 minutes at the end to transfer your answers from the question paper to the answer sheet. (more…)

IELTS Listening Practice

This post is about IELTS listening practice and how you can improve your listening skills at home. First, let me tell you a story… I was teaching a student recently who needed 7.5 in order to move to Canada and become a nurse. She was very good at writing, speaking and reading, but always failed to get the score she needed in listening. I was really surprised because she was one of the most focused and hard working students I have ever met. I was determined to find out what her problem was and fix it. After talking about…

IELTS Listening Form Filling Question Tips

In the first section of the IELTS listening test there is often a form filling question. Normally the answers will be one or two words long and will be factual information, such as phone numbers, dates and times. These questions may seem relatively simple, but it would surprise you how many students throw away easy marks in this section. Also, this is one of the areas that IELTS try to trick you by giving a number of different pieces of information when only one of them is correct. One common trick is for (more…)