How to Write Like an IELTS Expert

We get lots of emails every week thanking us for our articles and resources, but they normally end with things like:

I’ll never be able to write like a native speaker.

I wish I could write like you.

Tell me how to think like an examiner.

I need your brain.

I can’t give you my brain, but I can talk you through how I answer an IELTS Writing question. I decided to record my computer screen and think out loud while I wrote the answer to a Task 2 question I had never seen before. This will, hopefully, give you an insight into how I think about these questions and my various thought processes. The video is below.

I actually made a big mistake with the timing and thought I had no time left when I actually had 10 minutes to go, so the essay could be improved further, but I think that it shows just how tricky timing can be and has given me more sympathy for students.

You will also notice that I made quite a few mistakes and I went back and deleted whole sections of the essay. I think that this shows that everyone does make mistakes and how important it is to read each sentence immediately after you have written it and then review your whole essay at the end. If I had not done this, I think I would have got a pretty low mark.

So here is the video. I hope that it helps you gain an insight into how I go about answering these questions.

Please set the resolution to at least 480p to see the writing clearly. Sorry if you have a slow connection.

What did you think? Would you change anything about the essay? Will it help you improve? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

If you would like more access to Task 2 resources, please check out our IELTS Writing Task 2 page.

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  1. Bb says

    Thanks Chris for the video. Really helpful. But I just need clearance on something. In writing the essay is it OK to use ‘this essay agrees, disagrees…. I don’t know if that will be OK. Using the word ‘this essay’ in the writing. Can’t one be penalised? Instead of using ‘this essay’ maybe I can use other words to tell my opinion

  2. Junjun says

    I need your brain, I mean, when I saw a new topic in the process of test I could not have a clear idea and think about those reasons like you did in the Vedio.

  3. Joy says

    Sorry for the typo – it seems that I cannot watch any video in the website.

  4. Joy says

    Hello Christopher, I accidentally find this website and realize that it actually is very helpful and informative. Yet unfortunately I cannot access the video. It seems that I cannot watch all the videos in the website. What a shame…

  5. lauay says

    I think this writing task done by you in this video is the best in all blogs of ielts ,very nice job

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