IELTS Task 2 Sample Essay- Young and Old People in the Job Market

ielts task 2 essay writing two viewpoints

Nowadays more and more people have to compete with young people for the same jobs.

What problems does this cause?

What are some possible solutions?

This task 2 question was recently on the academic paper and it caused big problems for most students. Many students failed to do something crucial and received a much lower mark than they should have.

Below are two essays. One answered the question correctly and one did not. Can you tell which one answered the question properly?

Answer 1

Those seeking a job are now facing stiffer competition from the younger generation. This essay will suggest that the main cause of this is high youth unemployment and propose free further education as a viable solution, followed by a reasoned conclusion.

The great depression of 2008 left a huge number of the world’s youth, particularly those between 18-25 years old, out of work. This has resulted in a massive number of people in this age bracket applying for every available job, whereas far fewer would have applied in the past. For example, in countries like Spain, Greece and Ireland, over 25% of young people find themselves without a job. However, it should be mentioned that most of them have little or no experience and therefore should pose no real threat to older people with lots of time on the job.

A possible solution to this problem is introducing universal third-level education. Free tertiary education would lift many of today’s young adults out of unemployment and put them back into the classroom, thus reducing the competition between young and old. Germany recently introduced this very measure and it has been shown to be an overwhelming success.  Despite this, it is feared that there will be a glut of highly educated graduates in the future and this may only exacerbate the problem.

In summary, the financial crisis has not only led to millions of young people losing any hope of employment, but also increased competition for jobs between generations. Governments should consider providing the youth of today with more opportunities for further study in order to ease this burden.

Answer 2

Those seeking a job are now facing stiffer competition from the younger generation. This essay will suggest that the main problem this causes is higher poverty among older people and propose lowering the retirement age as a possible solution, followed by a reasoned conclusion.

Increased competition from today’s youth has left many over 50s in poverty. If a young and old person apply for the same job, it is often the case that the younger individual will have more qualifications and may also be willing to work for less money, leaving many seniors without work and ‘left on the scrapheap’. For example, a recent survey showed that since the financial crisis in 2008, fuel and food poverty has increased by 82% amongst the aged. Despite this, many of the older generation own their own property and have large savings and therefore, are somewhat insulated from these troubles.

The most viable answer would be to drop the age of retirement. Most industrialised countries could afford to lower this from 65 to 60, thus allowing millions of people to simply retire and be looked after by the state. For instance, Finland recently decreased the retirement age for all government employees to free up more jobs for their graduates. However, this initiative may be very unpopular with the business community, who would have to pay for many of these early retirements.

In summary, the increased rivalry between young and old in the job market has resulted in the impoverishment of many of our older citizens and countries should consider reducing the age of retirement to solve this.

Can you tell which one got the higher mark? Tell me why in the comments section below.

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  1. Rose says

    The 2nd one is better because it answers the question.

    What problems does this cause?

    The first essay lists the causes of this instead of the problems resulting from this phenomenon.

  2. Zaher says

    I think the Answer 2 is correct one.

  3. Guli says

    the 2nd one is better, as in the first body paragraph of the 1st sample the topic sentence seems to be an example

  4. Sarah says

    Hey Chris,
    Don’t you think that the second essay doesn’t make a sense a little bit?

    Because at first paragraph you talked about poverty among older people due to the fact that they are without work
    and the suggested solution is retirement. I think it is highly unlikely people who don’t worked enough years during life to get a pension.

    I think the better, directly linked solution could be financial, social aid for this people or to lower the taxes for companies to be encouraged to employ them

    1. Christopher Pell says

      No. Most countries have state pensions provided by the government. Also, there is no ‘best’ answer. There are many different correct answers. The most important thing is that you ideas are relevant, not the ‘best’.

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