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  1. Rojina says

    thank you so much sir…..

  2. Muhammad Waseem says

    The author of this web is simply amazing. While you are reading a topic, he knows exactly what next question might come in your mind and he gives the link to answer your question in the middle / end of the topic….Great dude.

  3. hossam says

    Hi sir thanks for your support .I just want to ask about not suing apostrophe before or after (s) in your couple example:

    The patients symptoms and The patients condition

    Best Regards

  4. Priyanka says

    Hi sir thanks for your support for IELTS students like me, while writing essay I am using very simple vocabulary what can I do …. Is this affect my score

  5. Elsie says

    This is really useful! Thanks! Could you post crime vocabulary?

    1. Christopher Pell says

      Thanks. Yes, I will work on the vocabulary when I have time. It takes many hours to produce one set.

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