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Below are lots of resources to help you prepare for the IELTS speaking test.

IELTS Speaking Part 1

In part 1 you will be asked questions on familiar topics such as your hometown and your family. Click below for lots of sample questions and answers.

Part 1 Common Topics and Sample Answers

Simple yet effective ways to extend your answers in Part 1 of the Speaking test.

Easy Ways to Extend Your Answers

10 quick tips on what you should and shouldn’t do in Part 1.

Part 1 Dos and Don’ts

IELTS Speaking Part 2 

This part of the test allows you to speak for longer on a given topic.

You will be given a card with a particular topic on it, and this will include key points that you should talk about.

You will be given one minute to plan and then you will talk for between 1-2 minutes.

Below are some tips that I give to all of my IELTS Speaking classes:

Speaking Part 2 Tips

Click below for a strategy you can use each and every time.

Speaking Part 2 Strategy

IELTS Speaking Part 3 

In part 3 test the examiner will ask further questions which are linked to the topic talked about in part 2.

This part of the test is designed to give you the opportunity to talk about things in a more abstract way.

Part 3 The Ultimate Guide

Below are the most common questions that examiners ask in Part 3.

Part 3 Common Questions

Below are some tips about the psychology of Part 3 and how to mentally prepare for that part of the test.

Part 3 Tips

Speaking Tips

Asking the Examiner Questions

Speaking Marking Criteria

Examiner Approved IELTS Speaking Tips 

How to Prepare for IELTS Speaking

Speaking Topics 

Formal or Informal?

Examiner-Approved IELTS Speaking Tips


IELTS Pronunciation Guide 

10 English Words Even Native Speakers Find Difficult to Pronounce 

Practice Pronunciation at Home for Free 


IELTS Idioms 

7 Ways Idioms Can LOWER Your Score

IELTS Speaking- Vocabulary

Over 1000 comments! Wow! Thanks to everyone who joined me for the live lesson. Sorry about the tech. issues at the end. For the free PDF go to and you'll see the free vocabulary eBook at the bottom of the screen.

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  1. veena subeesh says

    Hi Chris,
    I had my spking test today mng…warm-up and two way included questions related to profession,chocolates,holidays and risk.cue card was describe how u prepared for a happy event.i hve my rest of d tests tomoro.

  2. Simran says

    Hello dear.. Ur site is really helpful. I just got the chance to visit your site just two days before my actual exam and i seriously went through the essays, their types and how to answer them. And yes, i did it. I got my results and i scored 7.5 overall with 7.5 in listening, reading and writing and 7 in speaking. Really thanks a lot.

  3. Johny says

    Hi Christopher !
    I just wanted to know if examiner considers the internal issues that candidates have, as I have had a social anxiety for a long time.I think my english is above average,but I’m really not comfortable talking with strangers at all. Will the examiner will take my anxiety as a lack of fluency and score me lower for that?

  4. Krishna says

    Looking for speaking patner. If anybody interested, you can contact me. My skype id: krishna12379
    Whatsapp: +919491598734. My exam will be on 28th April. Looking for my age kind people, so that I can move freely, I’m 21 years old.

  5. Ravil says

    Hi Chris,

    Is it possible to get band 7 for speaking without using idioms?
    If not, then how much of them is required to be used to get band 7?

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