Advanced Reading Skills- Guessing Meaning From Context

In this video lesson we look at one of the most, if not THE most essential reading skill, guessing meaning from context.

We look at:

  • What ‘meaning from context’ means.
  • Why it is so essential.
  • How to improve this skill?

What does meaning from context mean?

You need this skill when you don’t understand a word or phrase in the reading text. It allows you to accurately guess the meaning of the word based on the clues given to you from other parts of the text, such as the title, the other paragraphs and the words around the mystery word.

Why is it important?

  1. You will always get words you don’t understand in the test.
  2. IELTS wants to test this skill because it is something you will have to do every day if you move to an English-speaking country.
  3. You won’t get frustrated and will know how to deal with new words when you see them in the test.

How can you improve?

  1. Read every day.
  2. Guess words instead of looking them up in the dictionary.
  3. Look at the title, paragraphs and other words to help you guess.
  4. Make this part of your routine.
  5. Keep a new word journal that helps you expand your vocabulary.

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