IELTS Advantage’s First Success Story

This week I received the wonderful news that one of my students achieved a score of 8 in their IELTS test. Here are his test results:

IELTS success

Below is an interview I conducted with him in which he gives his tips and advice to future IELTS students.

1) Why did you study IELTS?
I studied IELTS because I want to practice medicine in Australia.
2) How many times did you take the test?
I’ve sat the exam 6 times. My target score is 7 but I could only get 6.5 in writing in all of the first five attempts, despite spending much time and effort. Not until I visited did I realize that I was wrong about IELTS writing the whole time.
3) What did you learn from
A lot! There are heaps of useful information there. I find the section on writing most beneficial. It covers everything you need to score high in the test: from how to generate ideas to how to structure your essay. What is more, the website is totally free!
4) What advice would you give to people doing the test in the future?
If you want to improve your score in writing, do study the whole writing section of carefully; it has virtually everything you might need to know. After that you would need to practice a lot using the official IELTS writing answer sheets (which could be found here. Time yourself during practice is also desirable. And remember: “Give the examiner what he/she wants and nothing else”.

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